February 25, 2010



As we drove along in the rental car in Sunshine State, I kept saying how nice it was to have the windows open, to feel the warm breeze. Then we passed through a flat section of farm, where trucks were spraying the fields with liquid. I’m not sure what was in the spray: fertilizer, perhaps, or insectides, or both. I have no way of knowing what toxins it might contain. But I rolled up the window quickly as the truck moved towards us, and our whole car was soon covered with a sticky film. When we drove back through that evening, the trucks were still out spraying, and our car was doused yet again.


heidi said...


Yankee, Transferred said...

Yeah. Ugh.

Audrey Mango said...


That said, I've enjoyed reading about your trip to Sunshine State. Your observations make me think of my own initial impressions of my new, alligator-y state. Mosquito dusting - pick up trucks souped up with what look like giant air horns, rumbling through the streets after dark, shooting clouds of insecticide into the air - was a new experience for me. And I am more mindful of where I put my feet, but that's mostly because of fire ant mounds. Those dangers aside, I love the lizards and orange trees, the palm fronds and live oak branches that grow everywhere in a near-explosion of greenery. I hope your trip was a nice mid-winter respite!

jo(e) said...

We did have a wonderful trip. It made me realize why people in the northeast so often go to Florida in the winter!