May 14, 2011

Blogger is back. Finally.

So the other day, on twitter, I told my friends to come to my blog and admire my mother’s red tulips. Apparently, the surge of folks stopping to see the flowers must have overwhelmed Blogger, because the whole thing crashed, preventing anyone who used Blogger from posting to their blogs for two days. It’s the longest Blogger has been down since I began using it six years ago. It’s working again now (well, obviously, since I’m posting this), but all the nice comments people left about my mother’s tulips are gone. So I’m just posting this to say, really, Mom, everyone loved your tulips.


Seeking Solace said...

Hi Mom! It's true, your tulips were beautiful!

Lilian said...

If you got the comments by email, you could email them to your mom, what about that?! :)

I only got the very end (the last day) of blogger's problem -- fortunately. Too bad that I hadn't blogged for a week and was DYING to post. oh well... (I actually only learned about the two days from you -- phew! what a relief, in hindsight). I have to email you about our plans for June. I hope it works this time!

Magpie said...

They were lovely red tulips..

What's better than roses on a piano? Tulips on the organ.

(Sorry, been reading limericks this morning...)

YourFireAnt said...

See, not blogging all that often you don't have to go throught all that rigamarole.