May 02, 2011


First green

The snow has melted into big puddles, but the leaves haven’t yet burst forth on many of the trees here. When I walk in the woods, what I notice are the mosses, shining brilliantly from stumps, old logs, and mosses.


Anonymous said...

We're way ahead of you in the south. It's summer here already.


SEB said...

For some reason this post roused to memory a bit of doggerel from the Games Magazines of my youth:

A lithoid form, whose onward course
Is shaped by gravitational force,
Can scarce enjoy the consolation
Of bryophytic aggregation.

As a language-loving kid, I relished this one. I guess now I finally understand the "consolation" part :-)

Phil said...

It's their time (the moss, I mean).

Zhoen said...

I'm very fond of moss green. Have you been over to Kuriositas this week? Not a moss, but a perennial evergreen, but it sure looks like moss.

jo(e) said...

Zhoen: I hadn't seen that -- what cool pictures.