July 19, 2011



One evening, my husband and I decided to take a drive along the river, following the water's edge down to the lighthouse that stands at the entrance to the great lake. We found a town filled with flower boxes and little shops. We stopped to look at boats in a marina, walked down a pier where kids were fishing, and looked at the wind farm across the river. We bought snacks at a campground store across from a big correctional facility that had fenced topped with rolls of barbed wire. Alongside the road, high on a pole, we saw an osprey nest.


Anonymous said...

What a landscape of contrasts!

Lorianne said...

On our last visit to see my family in Ohio, J and I saw an osprey nest by the lot where the city impounds cars. Across the highway, there's an eagle nest on the grounds of a concrete and gravel company. Raptors don't seem to mind industrial landscapes as long as they are unmolested there.

Phil said...

I find kinship with ospreys in their ramshackle domestic circumstances. No yard to mow, no garden gnomes. I bet they're totally stealing from the power company, running a server farm and relaying spam from eastern European cartels.