July 01, 2011

Time to think

Shaggy Hair Boy at camp

That's Shaggy Hair Boy sitting on the end of the dock at my parents' camp. I took the photo yesterday: we went up for the day to help my parents shovel stone into the grassy driveway, so that we won't have to spend next week pushing cars out of mud. Tomorrow, we're going up for the week. My parents are already up there, my siblings will join us, and the grandchildren will come and go all week, depending on summer jobs, Ultimate games, and grad school obligations. I'm looking forward to another week offline: a week of reading, writing, swimming, sailing, and playing lazy games in the shade.


Urban Exile said...

How tranquil it all sounds, looks. Are you that tranquil within? Shaggy Hair Boy at peace.

Kyla said...

Great photo. Have a great time at camp!