August 18, 2011

Harbor wildlife

Misty morning

In a port town along the coast, my husband and I went out early to walk along the docks and look at the ships anchored in the harbor. As I was scrambling about on the rocks, trying to get a closer look at some harbor seals who were lounging about on the moorings, my husband nudged me. “Look! Right below your feet.”

A raccoon peered up at me. He didn’t seem afraid, but looked at us curiously. Then he picked up a dead fish he was eating and scampered off underneath the rocks.

Harbor wildlife


Anonymous said...

I love raccoons! That one is so cute.

Cindy said...


Barb said...

Happy to know there are still raccoons that eat fish and live in the wild instead of eating Human trash and living in the sewers of my west coastal town!

jo(e) said...

Well, he seemed pretty used to humans, and he was scavenging around the edges of a marina, so I'm guessing he does eat a certain amount of human trash.

Phil said...

Raccoons infest a lot of the islands where we paddle and camp in Puget Sound. They saunter up to you picnic table, light a cigarette and grunt threateningly,
"You gonna eat that?". Gotta hang your food skillfully.