August 28, 2011

Snow in August

Snow in August

Driving into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest meant driving up winding roads into the clouds. The cool grey mist felt wonderful as we hiked. After the ridiculously hot summer we had at home, it felt a bit surreal to be walking on snow. Some of the trails were still closed from the record amount of snow the mountains got this year.

Sometimes the clouds would shift, and we’d catch a glimpse of the famous glaciers we’d come to see. Other times, the swirling fog kept us in our own private world, able to see only the trail and the trees nearest us.


Anonymous said...

I know just where you were! I love the glaciers.


BrightenedBoy said...

You're used to snow in August anyway, aren't you?

jo(e) said...

Ha! Very funny, BB.

You know we never get snow until at least September.