January 12, 2012

City streets

City street

During the first couple days of our trip, Shaggy Hair Boy and I stayed at Urban Sophisticate Sister’s West Village apartment. At night, we went to jazz clubs, but during the day we wandered the city streets, exploring her neighborhood. The curbs were filled with old Christmas trees, broken wreaths, and leftover piles of pine boughs. Red-haired Niece, who went with us to a jazz club one night, said she thought the piles of discarded trees were sad, but I have to say that they really did make the neighborhood smell nice.



Magpie said...

They're too feral to be sad.

BrightenedBoy said...

My brother Powell told me recently that a mutual friend and I were the only two people he'd ever met who just didn't much care for the City of Fate.

When he said it I remembered how Shaggy Hair Boy responded to your idea of his one day living in the city: "Yeah, but then I'd actually have to live in the city."

I may be a minority, but at least I'm in good company.

liz said...

The clock tower from the Jefferson Market Library is making me homesick.

rented life said...

BB, I wouldn't want to live there either, but I don't enjoy living in small towns either. A smaller city would be perfect.

Rev Dr Mom said...

I love the West Village, and I've walked down that street (top photo) many times--I'd LOVE to live there!