January 12, 2012

On the train

From the train

When Shaggy Hair Boy and I boarded the train in Snowstorm City, we heeded my father’s advice and sat on the starboard side so that we could see the river. Through our window, we looked at the little towns, the marinas along the river, and the graffiti under the bridges. I can’t read on a train because it will make me motion sick, but I love watching the scenes that roll by outside my window. Most of the little towns were still decorated for Christmas, and the river wasn’t frozen yet.

Luckily, we had obeyed the most important rule of train travel, which is to bring good snacks. Whenever I’m on a train, people around me are always opening sandwiches wrapped in wax paper, or munching potato chips from crinkly bags, and just those noises make me salivate. I’d gotten up early that morning to pack sandwiches, cookies, fruit, and potato chips. I don’t normally eat potato chips, but on a train, it’s important to eat food that comes in noisy package so that everyone around you will be jealous.

We couldn’t help but listen to the conversation of the young woman sitting behind us, who kept talking very excitedly to the young man in the seat next to her. Shaggy Hair Boy rolled his eyes every time the young woman said something weird, which was pretty often. I kept trying to figure out their relationship. At first, I thought she was flirting with someone she just happened to sit next to. Then I decided that they were friends, traveling together. By the end of the trip, I concluded that he must be a cousin. I think if they weren’t related, he would have moved his seat.


Anonymous said...

Big city jazzfest w/knowledgeable & talented escort = I'm totally jealous! The "winter" part of "winter jazzfest", uh, not so much. I prefer the sauna at the gym, yes I do. I am still chuckling over your WARMTH-perk epiphany, HA! You are so right. It's 66 in the room I'm sitting in now, bah! WHEN will it be time for my yoga class? I think I'll go down there early & run or bike first, just for the extra hour of heat.

Know what else? Unlike trains, the gym isn't rife with crinkly-bagged snacks! Heat & inaccessibility of snacks. Gosh, by the time winter's over, I'll be a swimsuit model! How worth the membership fee is that? HA!

It really IS weird that we are on some of the same paths, that we are both types to not only try new things, but to embrace them. Hug on, sister! :-)

jo(e) said...

Henniemavis: Oh, you would have loved the jazz clubs we went to. And it was actually pretty warm in the city -- not winter weather at all.

I will think of you tonight when I go to the gym to get warm!

jodi said...

It is important to take good food on an airplane also. :-)

Val said...

That last line made me laugh. I'm glad you two had a good trip. The train travel sounds like a sweet way to end it.

BrightenedBoy said...

That's such a beautiful photo. There doesn't look to be much snowfall, though; have you been as dry as we have?

I've long had a fascination with the wider Snowstorm region and hope that I'll one day be able to see it.

jo(e) said...

BB: We've had hardly any snow at all yet this season. It's weird.

You do need to come visit us in Snowstorm Region one of these days.

rented life said...

I always claim the window seat when we take the train to the city. The first time I took the wrong window, but I learned quickly to get the window on the river side after that. Husband always falls asleep. I've been getting better about remembering to bring snacks, but I always seem to forget water.

kathy a. said...

i love overheard conversations, and trying to figure out the backstory.