April 12, 2013

Gone monking


It's still rainy and cold here. I'm still wearing my winter coat. I've stopped wearing mittens, just on principle, but I haven't yet given up winter socks.

The dreary weather isn't stopping me from one of my favorite spring rituals. I'm heading off today to the monastery. It's lambing season, and the sheep barn will be filled with pregnant ewes and baby sheep. 

Even if it rains the whole time, I'll hike the trails beyond the sheep pastures. I'll visit the eight-sided chapel with its musty smell of incense. I'll sit on the stone floor in the crypt and light votive candles for all the people I love. I'll eat meals in the Women's Guest House and talk with my friends. In the early morning, I'll help out in the sheep barn and watch baby sheep slither into the world.


undine said...

I think your readers start to look forward to your monking every spring almost as much as you do.

Have a peaceful trip.

Elisabeth Kauffman said...

Did you take that photo? Beautiful. I love the lighting.

sheepish said...

I love lambing season photos!

jo(e) said...

Elisabeth: Yes, I took the picture but it's from last year. I don't have internet access while I'm at the monastery so I posted it before I left.