April 10, 2013

On the lilac bush near my back door

On the lilac by the back door

I keep writing posts about how it's almost spring, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's all just wishful thinking. It's true that the snow has melted, the ice has left the lake, and the peepers are singing. But mostly, the weather has been pretty cold. We had a spectacular thunderstorm this afternoon, which counts as a sign of spring, but it's still chilly and damp.

"What's that saying about April showers?" one of my students asked today.
 Another responded without hesitation, "April showers suck."
 Yeah. That pretty much sums up the sentiment on campus.

Still, when I got home this afternoon, I couldn't help but notice that the lilac bushes near the back door are covered with buds, tightly furled leaves just ready to burst open in the afternoon light. Another sign of spring.


Zhoen said...

Hey, little buddy!

Anonymous said...

I walked around our yard yesterday noticing all the buds like those on the trees. Today like a miracle they have all opened into tiny leaves and flowers. Spring is here!! (Or more like summer since we hit 90 here in southeastern PA yesterday)

Magpie said...

this time of year is so breathtaking, what with the rampant growth. i can practically see my peonies get bigger. i love it.