April 19, 2013

Music meditation

I’m still not very good at the piano. In fact, I’m pretty terrible. It’s becoming rapidly apparent that the amazing musical talent my four kids all seem to possess didn’t come from me.

But I have a lesson today, so this morning I sat down at the piano to practice. I’m learning the song Sunrise, sunset. My piano teacher says that once I master it, I can play it whenever one of my kids gets married.

I can’t think and play at the same time. Whenever I start thinking about what my right hand is playing, my left hand gets confused.

So for an hour this morning, I stopped thinking about all the appalling news scrolling down my twitter feed. I let go of all the anxiety, the stress, and the helplessness that I feel every time I click through to another news story or see another headline. And instead, I spent the hour staring at a sheet of music, running my fingers over keys on the piano, trying to make music.


Cindy said...

It has been the week from hell, hasn't it? Glad you could find some moments of peace playing the piano.

Alice Kildaire said...

So glad you can quiet your mind, if only for a few moments.

susan said...

You know, I have some very soothing memories of learning that very song at the piano, way back when. I love that piece. May we all find moments of peace this week.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...


It is a great meditation, like painting.

If you started young, you probably would have learned much faster.