May 14, 2015

What light

My parents on an evening walk in Riverside Park

 My parents on an evening walk in Riverside Park.


L said...


you know you're forever doomed by excessive facebook browsing when you instinctively look for the like under a post.

Sigh... I need to reduce my facebook usage dramatically! :-(

I'm LOVING your NYC posts. I need to go back there... it's been years! But then, again, living in Philly 6 years we were pretty close.

Anonymous said...

That's a gorgeous shot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting me. This is a sweet shot of your parents. I smile when I think of my late parents taking a walk. Daddy was tall and had a long stride. Mother was short and looked like she had trouble keeping up!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, that's so sweet! thanks for coming by today! blessings to you!