December 24, 2005

Alone in the woods


The woods is where I go to be alone, away from family and friends, away from the busyness and stress of life, alone with my thoughts and feelings. It's where I go to cry, to rejoice, to grieve.

Back in the grove of old Scotch pines, which is the center of the woods for me, a dead tree balanced over a little creek is one of my favorite spots. I always stop to walk back and forth on the tree, learning to balance. I've often thought that if I could just get my body to figure out how to balance, perhaps my emotional and spiritual life will follow. At the base of the pine trees, I will usually toss my coat down to make a seat, because sitting in the presence of the woods brings me peace.


Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

Academic environmentalist question:

Have you read the Holmes Rolston essay "The Aesthetic Experience of Forests"?

Superficial, irrelevant question:

Is that the same red shirt you
took with you on your rafting trip?

Cheeky Prof said...

A beautiful post.

I hope you have a peaceful holiday.

Sue said...

This is a beautiful post. There is a profound peacefulness in the woods.

Have a wonderful holiday.

listmaker said...

I know exactly what you mean.

Have a good holiday.

parodie said...

The closest I ever feel to be meditative is when I can just sit in nature - especially staring at a lake. I can sit there for hours, and it seems to put everything else into perspective.

I must say I envy your house, with those woods so close by...

Yankee T said...

Wishing you much peace.

Phantom said...

I shivered looking at your wet jeans!

What a lovely way to find some space alone. I used to do the same in the woods behind my parents' house.

Friday Mom said...

Wishing you peace, Jo(e). Merry Christmas.

jo(e) said...

Rob: I don't know that essay .... I will have to look it up.

The red fleece I'm wearing in the photo is the same red fleece I took with me on the raft trip, although I think in the photos you saw, I was wearing a short sleeve red shirt. After a few photos, you have seen practically my whole wardrobe. The outfit in this photo is pretty much what I wear to campus when I teach.

Phantom: Yeah, my feet were cold. I am terrible at keeping my feet dry -- nmostly, I don't even try.

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