December 26, 2005

Quiet evening at home

It's been an overcast day, dark and cloudy. Unseasonably warm weather has melted part of the big snow ramp my kids have built out in front of the house, but thankfully the temperatures are beginning to drop. And it's snowing. Within a few hours, the snow ramp will be ready for use again, but right now, we are all in by a crackling fire.

From my spot on the couch, I can keep an eye on the whole household. With-a-Why and Suburban Nephew are settled at the table, putting together a big lego castle, both concentrating intensely. Blonde Niece and Drama Niece, who have been trying on each other's Christmas gifts, are giggling together at the other end of the couch. Boy in Black and Skater Boy are sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of the Christmas tree, playing their guitars. Older Neighbor Boy and Philosophical Boy are clustered around the comfy chair, looking to see what Shaggy Hair Boy is doing on Daughter's computer.

Red-haired Sister just left with Dandelion Niece and Little Russian Girl, heading back to my mother's house. First Extra just returned from the hardware store, where he bought new light bulbs for the floodlights that the kids put in the trees out front when they want to work on their snow ramp in the middle of the night. My Smart Beautiful Wonderful Daughter just called to say she is at the mall with Sailor Boy. Spouse is taking a trip to the grocery store to replenish our food supply. (Three gallons of chocolate milk will be gone by morning.)

From where I am sitting, I can hear bits of conversation. Blonde Niece is talking about her new boyfriend, the younger brother of Sailor Boy. With-a-Why and Suburban Nephew are making all kinds of sound effects as they move lego figures around a castle. The older boys have shifted from playing their guitars to playing with yoyos. And Boy in Black is explaining to the other kids what he intends to make from the pile of PVC pipe he got for Christmas. "Bo staffs." Of course.


lostinthemiddle said...

Should I know what a bow staff is?

jo(e) said...

In the movie Napoleon Dynamite, Napoleon brags about having awesome bow staff skills. I think that is where Boy in Black got the idea. The bow staff is a long wooden weapon used in martial arts classes. Perhaps originally it was a bow without a string on it? I'm not really sure about the origin.

I should add that Boy in Black does not take martial arts classes of any kind. I'm not exactly sure what his plans are .... but whatever it is, all the other kids will follow his lead. That is what always happens.

halloweenlover said...

Your child cracks me up. What a character! It must be so much fun to just sit and listen to them!

Glad that your holiday was so lovely.

Anonymous said...

Bowstaffs are used for hunting wolverines. A 12 gauge is apparently also useful for this. Vote for Pedro!

Elizabeth said...

I want to be part of your family. It sounds like so much fun.

If Boy in Black wants the staffs to be safe to hit people with, and he doesn't have specific plans already, drop me a line and I'll have my husband email him directions.

Seriously. He was part of something called Quest in college, which is sort of like the SCA but less organized, and its weaponry is all designed to be safe without armor.)

Julie said...

I suspect it is not a "bow staff" but rather a "bo staff" which is a martial arts thingy. Nothing to do with bow and arrow. I know this only because my son takes martial arts.

Sorry to be so pedantic. Happy New Year!

jo(e) said...

Julie: Oh, I think you are right about the spelling. But that sort of kills my theory about the origin of the weapon as a bow without the string on it .... or maybe the "w" just got dropped over time.

listie said...

Ah, a bo staff; of course.

Reminds me of the time when young RebelliousTeenager came home with a tree he chopped down and announced he was making a caber; caber tossing became a neighborhood sport until he outgrew his caber.

Anonymous said...

It's good to always keep a bo staff on hand.