August 07, 2008

Another road trip

Yesterday morning, with a sleepy With-a-Why in the seat next to me, a bag of clothes in the back, and a handful of CDs on the floor, I drove past cornfields and red barns and through shady mountain roads. For the first couple of hours, With-a-Why slept while I listened to music. At the halfway point, we stopped for sandwiches and juice, and after that, he kept me company. I gave him the map so he could navigate the last part of our journey: he was so busy doing his imitation of a flight attendant that he almost forgot to tell me where to turn. But by mid-afternoon we had arrived safely at the home of Red-haired Sister and Tie-dye Brother-in-law, where we're now hanging out with kids, dogs, birds, rabbits, butterflies, and various other creatures.


YourFireAnt said...

Is that the NAKED brother-in-law?


jo(e) said...

FA: Yep. He's very obliging.