December 18, 2008

Repeat the sounding joy

Repeat the sounding joy

In the evening, our piano is in constant use. Shaggy Hair Boy, With-a-Why, or Quick will leap up in the middle of a card game to play something if the mood strikes them. It's especially nice during the winter to sit by the fire and listen to the piano music mixing with the conversation in the room. The other night, while Shaggy Hair and With-a-Why were goofing around with the balance board, trying to see if they could balance each other's weight, they naturally decided to play the piano at the same time. They did a song they played at the holiday recital, a four-handed version of Joy to the World.


YourFireAnt said...

Nice to climb out of WithaWhy's hair and onto the key(and balance)board.


JillianBean said...

You should post a video or tow of your amazing kids playing the piano. I'd love to hear what they can do.

Unknown said...


Liz Miller said...

Recording, please.