January 14, 2009

A wild goose, perhaps?

I flipped a coin with my husband — and lost. I tried to pass the task off on Boy in Black, but he came up with some excuse. (I’ve long suspected that he has the same fear of malls that I do.) My daughter was sadly unavailable. And so that’s how it happened. Suddenly, I was headed to the mall with With-a-Why, my quiet, long-haired baby-of-the-family.

In the car, I tried to convince myself that maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. We weren’t buying clothes. Nothing needed to be tried on. We simply needed to buy a present for a friend. For a birthday party that started in an hour.

Me: (cheerfully) Let’s make a plan! What do you want to get him?
With-a-Why: I don’t know.
Me: You must have some idea.
With-a-Why: (fiddling with the CD player) Where’s the Wilco CD?

Me: What kind of gift would a fourteen-year-old boy like?
With-a-Why: (shrugging) How should I know?
Me: Um …. you ARE a fourteen-year-old boy.
With-a-Why: But I’m not like most people my age.

Me: But you do KNOW him, right?
With-a-Why: He sits at my lunch table.
Me: So what do you talk about?
With-a-Why: He likes granola bars.

I looked at my watch. This was going to be a long hour.


Songbird said...

Maybe next time, a charitable donation?

susan said...

we almost always buy books. Shopping at the mall with someone indecisive? Shudder!

Zhoen said...

Socks. Always socks, given with irony if necessary.

Rev Dr Mom said...

iTunes gift card-always works for a teenager :)

Rana said...

Gift card to the music/book store.

KathyR said...

Always a Best Buy gift card. I wonder sometimes if the boys keep exchanging the same cards back and forth.

I do know my son spends his. I figure we're pretty even on the number of cards given/received.

BlackenedBoy said...

I actually really enjoy going to the mall. I like seeing all the different people and browsing through the items.

I don't, however, like being rushed, so I would have been very antagonized had I been in your position.

When in doubt, money is always a good idea. Twenty-five dollars makes a fine gift for anyone.

Busymomma66 said...

For dear-son's friends we're with BlackenedBoy, it's cash. It fits all sizes. If we know the kid fairly well, it might be a gift card to the local video game store.

YourFireAnt said...

After that last comment of WhyAWith's I'd've headed to the nearest grocery store and bought 'em out of granola bars.


Lauren said...

Going shopping just before the birthday party is ALWAYS how we do it. That way the present doesn't get lost or mangled in some way.

I see that fourteen may be difficult. We've got five years yet.

kathy a. said...

so, what did you end up with?

Sarah Sometimes said...

this is very funny. like your other commenters, I am dying to know what you ended up with....

jo(e) said...

We ended up with some kind of game that looked interesting. Mindquest? Something like that.