September 07, 2010

End of the season

End of the season

Nine family members gathered at camp on Saturday, a small enough group to fit around the wooden table in my parents’ cabin if we didn't mind knocking elbows with each other. Because the weather was cold and windy, we played cards and board games inside. Every few minutes we’d hear a knocking sound as acorns came tumbling down from the oak trees, plinking against the roof. When the sun came out, we took a walk through the pine forest. My father had already pulled his sailboat out of the water for the winter; the dock always looks empty to me without the mast coming up through the cattails. After dark, when I stepped out of the cabin, I heard a wild scurrying, rushing, and click-clacking as small creatures dashed up the oak trees. When I shone a flashlight up into the branches, two small raccoons looked down at me.


heidi said...

Seems like this summer went by awful fast.

patti said...

Bay raccoons are adorable. And you must have been cold last weekend!
(new blog, I got caught)

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...


Lomagirl said...

Very beautiful. Every time you write about your family camp, I want to go.
I used to dream about a place like this. Now we all live far apart- I plan to get a vacation house in another country some day. It won't be the same, though, even if my family manages to come over sometimes. So, cheers to you and your family. May you pass many more blessed times together at the cabin.