September 03, 2012

End of the season

Last canoe trip of the season

For Labor Day weekend, we went up to my parents' camp, just as we have every year for as long as I can remember. Because 2012 was such a dry year, we had very little water at the end of the dock: only the canoes and kayaks could make it in and out through the marsh. The lily pads rose high above the shallow water, and most of the flowers were gone.

Acorns have already started to fall from the trees, and some of the leaves were already yellow. It was warm enough to swim in the daytime, but at night, we put on sweatshirts and gathered around a campfire. Autumn is here.


Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

OH! I wish I were there with you!!!!

Sounds wonderful.

Sad--the end of summer is sad--but fall is wonderful.

And I saw HERONS today, lots of them. Took some pix.

Hope school goes well!!!!! Wish I saw you more, I miss you!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scene. After the hot summer we've had, I'm looking forward to some cold weather.