September 12, 2012

Pausing to take a breath

It’s the third week of fall semester, and already my life is crazy busy, with courses and meetings and piles of student papers. The nights are getting cool, which reminds me I need to freeze tomatoes and stack firewood and get ready for winter. Most days it seems I barely have a spare moment to stop and take a breath.

I think longingly to summertime, when my life moved at a more leisurely pace. I remember in particular the couple of days my husband and I spent at an inn on the west coast. We slept in a cosy bed nook that had windows on three sides: it felt like we were sleeping in a tree house. I woke up early each morning to walk down to the cove and listen to the ocean waves. I’d walk around the pier, check rocks for starfish, and then go into the little coffeeshop to get the day’s gossip from the local teenagers before climbing back up the hill and going back to bed.



Linda said...

I know what you mean! Fall is such a busy time.

Cindy said...

Lovely photo.

Kyla said...

I miss summer, too. It was wonderful and I actually got to DATE my husband with some regularity.