January 14, 2005

Monet's Palette with Rorschach's Method

Last year I decided that I would try to nurture my artistic talents, which were unfortunately stamped down at an early age by an elementary school teacher who thought an art project was successful only if it looked like hers.

So I bought myself some pastels and cool art paper. I spent several days happily drawing and smearing color about until I had used up all the paper and my fingertips were sore.

I quickly learned that art is way harder than it looks. I could not make the images look like anything I had planned. So instead I just decided to go at each picture instinctively, adding whatever colours I felt like, until I could think of a title that would make some sense of whatever bizarre image I had created. This method, which will henceforth in art schools be referred to as "jo(e)'s method" is far less frustrating than trying to learn any art skills. And it is so much fun.

I know you are all hoping that I will scan in the pastels and show you them but Shaggy Hair Boy says that the dust would hurt the scanner. And besides, I haven't figured out how to post pictures yet. You will just have to read these titles and imagine for yourself how wonderful the images are; it's highly possible that what you are picturing might be better than the real thing.

jo(e)'s art gallery

What a rose looks from the perspective of a bee
View from the hammock without my contacts in
Breakfast through a blurry window on rainy day
When moonlight distorts the world
Alien vomit
Autumn view from inside a train moving fast
Eyelashes up close
What a tree trunk looks like to a spider
Weird sea shapes made by hair in the shower
What the marsh would look like if the world was flat
Bottom edge of a hoopskirt, swaying
If a tornado came at us upside down
The train yard inside my head
Sunlight through hair on a pillow
Dreams twisted through clenched fists
Chimes tangled by wind
Moonbeams in jar
What seashells would like if I was in charge of the ocean
Reflections and refractions on a stormy lake
Rose petals in a pile
If tear drops came in colours


Sergei C. said...

Wow - Talk about a truly subjective artistic experience! I particularly liked the "Seashells" piece.

Dr. Vegeta said...

I like "Alien vomit"; did you name them?

Ianqui said...

Whew. This is why I stick to photography.

As for posting pictures, try Flickr. They make it shockingly easy for you to paste the relevant code into your blog. And it's free.

Anonymous said...

I had so many of those art teachers, and I resent them to this day. I'm glad you've decided to recover your creativity.

cindy at redbird

What Now? said...

Lovely titles! I have a friend who's a really-truly artist, and she always gives her paintings titles that don't make any sense to me (just furthering my own sense that I don't "get" art). I really enjoyed your titles, and I'm sure that your pastels look better than the unimaginative pictures in my head.

~profgrrrrl~ said...

oh, i love these titles! vibrant for sure. now you must figure out how to post the pictures ... (no digital camera?)

jo(e) said...

Shaggy Hair Boy has digital camera so perhaps sooner or later I will try out Flickr and do some photoblogging. Right now, though, I am sort of liking the challenge of using only words ....

Rudbeckia Hirta said...

If you spray them with fixative, you should be able to shake off most of the extra dust afterwards and scan them -- I've scanned pastels.

If you figure out Flickr, let me know. It confused the hell out of me. I could figure out how to have pictures show up within Flickr, but I couldn't find the code for how to link to an image in Flickr.