January 05, 2005

Snow falling

After the chaotic frenzy of the holidays, the household has returned to normal. It's quiet here with just the six of us. Spouse is at the big wooden table with his laptop open, doing some kind of work-related paperwork. Daughter is reading on the couch, nestled cosily into the spot nearest the fireplace. Boy in Black in upstairs on the computer, doing chemistry homework while simultaneously chatting with friends on IM and checking online to see what the conditions are like at the ski slope where he snowboards. Shaggy Hair Son is settled comfortably with a book in his red bean bag chair, which is positioned under the branches of the big potted orange tree. With-a-Why has just fallen asleep, after listening to me read a chapter of the book Four-Story Mistake by Elizabeth Enright. Even the cats are calmer now, sleeping on couches and chairs and beds, taking of course all the most comfortable spots in the house. Things will get noisy again Friday afternoon when extra kids begin to arrive but right now I am appreciating the peacefulness of a winter evening. The downstairs of my house is one big kitchen-living room area, except for the small office that is mine. As I sit at my computer, I can look out through the open door at my family and know that all is well with them.

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