March 01, 2007

Concrete and light

From the hotel window

My second day in Urban Heat Island City, I discovered that my students were right about the low pressure systems. I woke up to flashes of lightning dramatically bursting behind the dark silhouettes of tall hotels. Even at that early hour, lines of cars and trucks came slithering around the curve of the street, their lights shining into the gloom. I watched the traffic for a few minutes (I live on a deadend road in a rural area so urban traffic fascinates me) and did reiki in hope of warding off a migraine. By the time I wandered outside in search of breakfast, the shower had turned into a fullblown storm, with high winds and a drenching rain. I pulled up the hood of my raincoat against drops of rain that stung like hail – and felt right at home.


Sophie said...

Welcome to My Fair City. Today, we are having a special celebration called Monsoon Day.

Love the picture. That used to be my commute until I got a job on the north end of town.

Kyla said...

I think you have the ability to feel at home just about is part of the magic of jo(e). :)