January 14, 2008

Dropping from the veils of morning

Dropping from the veils of morning

Boy in Black stopped home today to pick up his guitar. He sat on the arm of my chair while we talked about his first day of classes, and then he looked at the photo on the screen of my laptop.

Me: What do you think of this photo?
Boy in Black: That's the picture you took on our way to snowboarding yesterday.
Me: Do you like it?
Boy in Black: Yeah. You going to put in on your blog?
Me: I guess.
Boy in Black: Are you going to write a post about it?
Me: I wasn't planning to.
Boy in Black: You can say how you got everyone in the car mad by stopping to take a photo.
Me: It took ONE MINUTE to take the photo.
Boy in Black: And how the chairlift was about to open.
Me: I didn't even get out of the car.
Boy in Black: And everyone was yelling at you that we were going to be late.
Me: We were practically the first people into the lodge.
Boy in Black: And how the car behind us almost hit us because you just stopped out of the blue.
Me: I didn't think anyone was behind us.
Boy in Black: You never look in your mirrors.
Me: It was a deserted country road.
Boy in Black: So we almost got in an accident with Neighbor Family.
Me (laughing): It's funny that the car behind us turned out to be them.
Boy in Black: Well, they left their house way later, but you drive so slow.
Me: I was driving at a perfectly normal speed.
Boy in Black: And stopping to take pictures.
Me: Once. I took exactly one picture.

Boy in Black: Yeah, write a post about how peaceful it was.


Cathy said...

I love the different perspectives on this. What really happened? :)

zhoen said...

A prophet gets no respect in his/her own country.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, can you get any more like Dad? And how are the rest of us going to mangage a trip to Venice with you BOTH!!

Preacher Mom said...

I love the way your kids keep you on your toes! You can't get away with anything with them, can you?

niobe said...

Well, it looks peaceful, anyway.

OneTiredEma said...

I am very much looking forward to having a worldy wise teenager.

Only 9 1/2 years to go.

Gawdess said...

and it was worth all their lengthy pain and suffering - I would have stopped for it too.

Overeducated Twit said...

Well, if that was the only shot you stopped for, I'd say it was worth it--I love the otherworldly feel you seem to capture in a lot of the photos.

Audrey Mango said...

Love your photos and stories. :) I've just started a Photo365, and I'd love to add your page to my blogroll. Would you add me to yours, too?

Thanks so much! Rock on! :)
"Audrey Mango"

Reughr said...

this is deep. peaceful, but for me...emotional. i would stand there for hours.

argon(one) said...

You're such a great artist . . . with both words and pictures! Reading your stories makes me love my kids even more. Mine are so much like yours.

Nadine said...

The photo is great. Definitely worth stopping for!

Magpie said...


BrightStar said...

LOVE THIS! The picture -- fabulous. The commentary -- priceless. :)

zelda1 said...

Your boy sounds my boy, The Good Son. It's fun to have these boys, or I think so. By the way, great picture and blog.

angelfeet said...

Peaceful. Definitely worth stopping for, despite the potential 30 vehicle pile-up.

Yankee, Transferred said...

What B* said.

Anonymous said...

That is a wonderful photo and story. Also, you have the longest blogroll I think I have EVER SEEN.(thank you for adding me, btw)

Lilian said...

Wow... Susan (previous commenter) seems to be a brand new reader of your blog, I'm glad she found you! ;)

Anyway... that's an AMAZING photo and your son should no better -- there was no way in the world you weren't going to stop to take it, car full of teenagers or not, we all know that!! Well, I guess they did too, but it's our kids' business to make things (seem) more difficult for us, right? ;)

Rev Dr Mom said...

Beautiful picture, but rotflmao at the conversation!

Overread said...

simply gorgeous