January 15, 2008


For the last month, the house has been full of teenagers, kids, and young adults. But the college kids have gone back to campus, the younger kids are back in school, and spring semester has begun. Yesterday, I had a busy day, teaching classes, meeting students, and talking to advisees.

Today I worked at home. As I sat at the table with my laptop, silence settled comfortably around me. No one at the piano, no one at the drums, no one playing the guitar. The living room looked empty without the cluster of bodies and laptops. I could hear the cat on the couch purring. When a gust of wind blew snow across the backyard, faint music came from the wind chimes that hang near the back door


zhoen said...


Rev. Dulce said...

Each extreme, noise and quiet, make you appreciate the moment even more. If it was always noisy or always quiet, it would be a boring life.

I hope that your student's bring you delight this semester. I am trying to get motivated to start work on my doctoral project. Life keeps interfering.

OneTiredEma said...

I think this is part of the reason why I stay up so late.

I used to get my quiet in the early morning hours, but that time has been hijacked by the small people.

Enjoy your new beginning!

Yankee, Transferred said...

We're down only one so far, and it's already much quieter. I have said that my big couch is too lonely when they're away at college.

Poor Mad Peter said...

A sculpture of silence, then.