November 02, 2008

Dancing dice

Dancing dice

Blonde Sister, her husband, her three daughters, and her daughter's boyfriend came to last night's Halloween party as Yahtzee, a group costume that was quite effective. The only difficult was that they had a bit of trouble eating, drinking, or clapping while wearing the cardboard boxes. But the costumes were great for spinning about on the dance floor.


Kyla said...

I love the photo! What creative costumes.

(my word verification is "fluck" which might just be my new favorite nonsense word)

Rana said...

I've been wary of box-like costumes ever since a friend of mine went as a Klondike bar, and couldn't reach her own face - she spent the whole party being unable to eat, drink, or sit!

But dancing would have worked. :)

The Simpleton said...

I'm SO impressed with all the costumes. What a blast. But don't leave us hanging: what did Urban Sophisticate Sister do?

jo(e) said...

Rana: The dice boxes were luckily removable, because they couldn't even sit down comfortably in them.

Simpleton: Let me see if I can find a photo that I can put up ....

jo(e) said...

Eh, I think all my photos show her face. Hardly anyone wears masks to Halloween parties any more.

She painted her face white so that she would look dead, and wore all black. She made a skirt out of dollar bills, and on back, she used masking tape to write RIP.

She was "the Death of Capitalism."