November 03, 2008

Finishing with a fight

For Saturday's Halloween party, Red-haired Sister and her kids worked hard making Alice in Wonderland costumes, mostly from stuff they'd gotten at a thrift store. When I asked my sister over email if my outfit would be flattering, she said, "Well, male caterpillars will find you attractive." THAT was reassuring.

So, yes, I went to the party dressed as a shapeless blue caterpillar. The puffy velour clothing was comfy, I have to admit. And the bonus was that I had all these extra arms and legs. When I danced, I could just spin around and slap people around me. As my dances got more wild, the thick, comfy outfit became a little warm, and some of the arms popped right off. Soon I had body parts scattered all over the dance floor.

Urban Sophisticate had the most abstract costume. She painted her face white so that she would look dead and wore all black. Dandelion Niece helped her (just minutes before the party) sew 50 dollar bills into a skirt. I used masking tape to make the words RIP on her back. She dramatically announced that she was "the death of capitalism."

Halfway through Saturday night's Halloween party, the kids began switching costumes. With-a-Why, when he saw which way the wind was blowing, switched allegiance from the Alice in Wonderland group to the Star Wars gang by putting some kind of burlap garment over his Cheshire cat outfit and grabbing a light saber. Everyone wanted a turn spinning about the dance floor in one of the cardboard dice outfits. I saw the Madhatter's huge green hat on several different people.

When the crowded dance floor finally cleared, the light sabers came out. A party isn't a party without a dramatic battle at the end.

And the party ends with a battle


YourFireAnt said...

Waay coool photo, that reddish dark one.


Lomagirl said...

this was the rockinest party!

Autumn Song said...

"When I danced, I could just spin around and slap people around me". Brilliant.

Great photo, too.