November 26, 2008

Little Drummer Girl

Little Drummer Girl

Our home is crowded, most of the time, with teenagers and young adults, playing music, dueling with light sabers, or hanging out in the living room with their laptops. As much as I love teenage energy, it's also nice to have extras who are still small enough to sit on my lap and read books. Here's one of our newest extras: four-year-old Ponytail. She lives down the street and often comes over with her seven-year-old brother to hang out with us in the afternoon.


YourFireAnt said...

Is she the one who plays piano with elbows?


jo(e) said...

No, that would be her brother, Little Biker Boy.

sherry said...

I love her arms. They are a cross between baby fat and emerging popeye muscles.

Jodie said...

I'm not 4 or 7, but if I lived down the street from you I would come over to hang out too.

(I'd bring my own laptop)

Bitty said...

I second Jodie. I'm not a bit surprised to discover that you're now attracting extras that are not peers of your children. ;)

Lilian said...

Oh, my sons would love to visit too :-)

And that's a BIG 4 year old, that's for sure! I think she's almost as tall as my small 6 y.o.