December 16, 2009

All together

All my kids are home. Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter arrived by train yesterday, after a week of writing papers and getting almost no sleep. She looked exhausted, but at least she didn’t have the flu.

“That’s the advantage of having no life,” she said cheerfully. “I haven’t been near anyone so I couldn’t catch anything.”

Tonight, we’re all hanging about the living room. Shaggy Hair Boy is at the piano, playing jazz. My daughter is on the couch, with a brother on either side. My husband is at the table with his laptop. I haven’t built a fire because I’m waiting to be over my cough, but the Christmas tree makes the room cozy.

I’ve been decorating the tree while the kids – as tradition dictates – make unhelpful comments that make me laugh. We bought an already-cut tree this year because it was pouring rain on Sunday, but the weather has gotten colder now and there’s snow outside the window, as there should be. My daughter had a paper to finish this afternoon, Shaggy Hair Boy has one more final, and I’m not done with my grading, but we’re gradually making the transition into the holiday season.


jodi said...

My oldest got home last night, so we are finally all together. I'm choosing to ignore the talk of grad school which could take the oldest one to California or beyond.

liz said...

That sounds very very cozy.

Kyla said...

Sounds lovely. I've been done with my semester for a week now and man is it NICE.

Songbird said...

I'll have them all home on the 23rd, can't wait!

Digger said...

Ahhh you have snow! I am envious. I'll be heading up to see family in Canada for the holidays this year for the first time in a decade.