December 14, 2009

Prayer flags

Moments of prayer

In our living room, these Tibetan prayer flags (miniature ones made by my friend Gorgeous Eyes) catch moments of afternoon sunshine. They hang from the orange tree that Shaggy Hair Boy planted when he was little.


Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

How lovely!

Anonymous said...



Morgan said...

Lovely! Also, Jo(e), this is the second time I've encountered the orange tree on your blog. I have a Meyer lemon that I bought from a nursery that ships the trees to Canada. The nursery does not, however, have any information about how to care for the trees. I've had the tree for 2 years, and it grows a lovely few lemons each season. It's inside for winter, and I'm battling two things now, that I haven't had before:

Soft brown scale bug (which I remove with a toothbrush)

leaves turning yellow-ish and dropping.

When I see your orange tree in your blog posts, I adore and envy and its size and foliage and look with hope that I can grow such a lovely tree, too (even though my own boy thinks it's just another of those weird things his mum does).

Do you have any advice to share about growing citrus trees in the house in the Central/North of the continent?

jo(e) said...


We've had this orange tree for about 13 years or so. My son Shaggy Hair Boy planted it from a seed when he was little.

I don't know all that much about growing citrus trees. I just keep it in a south window so that it will get enough sun, water it once a week, and clip off branches when they start scraping against the ceiling. So far, the tree seems to be thriving. Sometimes some of the leaves do turn yellow and fall off, but I have no idea what causes that.

Morgan said...

Thanks Jo(e). My lemons are turning yellow just in time for the holiday. I may have meyer lemon shorbread *and* a pot of lemon curd (If I'm lucky)!
And I'll try to avoid worrying about the leaves. Perhaps I'll try planting a seed from one of the lemons as a 'back up'. :)