February 12, 2005

Important theological question

With-a-Why is still small enough to sit on my lap and listen intently while I read aloud to him. Modern child that he is, he loves such things as video games and does not understand why I put limits on them. He still wakes up from nightmares to come into bed with me.

One night when he was very young, With-a-Why woke up from some kind of bad dream, and climbed in under the covers with me. I could tell he was terrified. He was shivering so I wrapped myself around him until he got warm.

"Mom," he asked, "What happens after we die?"
I could tell from his face that it was a serious question.

I gave him an overview of several different philosophies about an afterlife, trying to tell it in a way that was appropriate to a five-year-old and adding my own perspective. The sound of my voice seemed to calm him down.

He thought for a minute.

"But, Mom ... will there be video games there?"


PPB said...

And you said?
I really do want to know about the video games. As much as I love kids, I'm not fond of video games, so I might have to put in a reservation now for the no-video games/no professional golf on TV wing.

What Now? said...

Sounds like you have quite the theologian on your hands!

I have an entirely unrelated question that I'm directing your way because I know that you're a belly-dancer. I tried taking a belly-dancing class last fall, but (1) I couldn't stand the teacher's pedagogical style--one of my occupational hazards is that it's now difficult for me to take classes from other people, sadly, and (2) the music gave me a headache--something about the high register or pitch, I think. I was in the store just now and found on the bargain table a teach-yourself-belly-dancing book, which I bought on impulse, and so I'm wondering (and finally I get around to the question) if you have any music recommendations for at-home belly-dancing.

jo(e) said...

PPB: Yeah, I'll be fighting for a spot on that wing too.

I really hate video games. My kids aren't allowed the violent ones, and that eliminates most of them. But With-a-Why is allowed to play some tame ones on Saturday mornings.

My answer to him: "I don't know. If I was in charge of heaven, there wouldn't be. But I'm not the one in charge."

I think he was relieved to find out I'm not God.

jo(e) said...

What Now? Oh, that's too bad you didn't have a good teacher. I love mine. She's 28 and so full of energy. Sometimes I'll speak up and make suggestions (like ... hey, you need to slow down. We aren't getting this.) and she is very open to my shaping the class. The CD I use most of the time is called Bellydance Superstars. I've got volumes I and II.

But I practice to anything that's got a beat. In fact when my son practices his drums, I often go upstairs (out of his sight) and practice. Belly dancing is the most fun in a whole group of women .... are there any other options available for you?

I've missed some classes recently because of skiing and I find I just don't practice that much if I don't have the structure of a weekly class.

Psycho Kitty said...

The Boy usually asks about chocolate. Must be my DNA.

What Now? said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Jo(e)!