February 28, 2005

Put Swimming Naked on Your List

During one of the latest memes that was going around, it came to light that some of my blogging friends have never been skinny dipping! A sad state of affairs. I think everyone should put it on their to-do list for this year. Put it right at the top of your list, way higher than stupid academic crap like getting tenure or sending scholarly articles to get published. Let's face it, at the end of your life, which will be the more valuable experience: getting some article published in an obscure journal read mostly by the seven other academics also published in it -- or knowing what it feels like to dive naked into a lake?


timna said...

I'm with you on this. Can't imagine life without a lot of skinny dipping. Granted most of it was in Israel rather than in the States, but still of utmost importance. more than publishing.

jess said...

I second that (third that?) Put it on your list.