March 17, 2005

Answers to Random Questions on a Meme I'm Not Doing

1. I would never build a second house. Anywhere. Rampant development is already a problem in this country. Duh. Was this a trick question? How stupid do you think I am?

2. I prefer to be naked. I like my body.

3. I don't buy CDs. I wait for friends to send me them in the mail. The last two I got were a Beach Boys CD from Artist Friend and a Billy Bragg and Wilco CD from David. (See, Scrivener, I said something nice about you. And putting you in the same sentence with Artist Friend is a huge compliment because he is one of my favorite people.)

4. No tattoos, but lots of way cool stretch marks that turn all silvery in sunlight. Does that count?

5. I have four children, a full-time job, a million extra kids, lots of community involvement, and several elderly relatives to care for. Does that count as juggling? Or do I have to do some kind of trick with oranges to prove myself?

6. I met him at casino night at a local high school. He was dealing black jack. I was 16 and he was 17.

7. Yes, of course. Even on physical level, my body would make good compost. Or food for the coyotes in my woods.

8. Saturdays. Always. Duh. Did anyone pick Monday morning? I have to say that this one was an easy question.

9. A wooden spoon. Or perhaps a sharp knife. I'm pretty low-tech. I don't have many kitchen appliances.

10. I don't really want a super power. I already have enough trouble with that whole humility thing as it is.


Phantom Scribbler said...

Am I first? I just wanna be first!

You already have that Disembodied Vaudeville super power. What else is there?

jo(e) said...

Phantom Scribbler: The way the blogger comments have been lately, you are lucky to get any comment in at all. Just getting through blogger comments requires some kind of super power. But you managed it! Ask Pilgrim to give you a prize for that.

Musey_Me said...

Yay - jo(e) gave in to peer pressure. Next thing you know, she'll be doing the Pilgrim/Heretic meme. :-)