March 21, 2005

Get your lingerie lingo here

Google searches that led people to my blog today:

"lingerie lingo"
"benedictine monks of olivetti"
"pronounce Moebius"
"buy small bathing suit breasts"
"nude pool cue"
"higher tenure navy 2005"

Yeah. Hope they all found what they came for.


Laura said...

Lol! Those are great!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Cha cha! I'm so glad someone else gets searched for things like breasts and lingerie ... although the terms are a bit cruder chez moi. What fun!

Scrivener said...

The Benedictines at Olivetti search is, I'm fairly sure my fault. WHen I was leaving that comment, I tried to locate something to link to about them and was surprised at the scarcity of internet sites on them. I couldn't find a link quickly, but then that comment probably became one of hte few things out there.

The other searches are fun. My SiteMeter posts are begining to become a meme, aren't they?

dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

Hilarious, Jo(e)! I think #3 was my fault. I commentied somewhere that I knew the grandaughter of the moebius strip guy, and I said how to pronounce the name. It's "Maybe us," so they probably did get what they were after.

jo(e) said...

Scrivener, must you take credit for everything? I used to read these sitemeter searches over at Profgrrrrl's long before I even knew you existed.

PPB said...

New Rule:
Swallow all beverages before clicking link to Jo(e)'s page.

Scrivener said...

Yes, I must. But you're right, profgrrrrl deserves an awful lot of credit on the searches meme.

retroblu said...

dr. said Moebius, is pronounced "maybe us" how could it be a "may" sound if its a short "o" sound atleast im assuming thats what the two dots mean in German "Möbius" as in August Ferdinand Möbius the guy who the moebius/mobius strip is name after it could've been named the "Listing strip" after this guy Johann Benedict Listing who was the one that originally discovered it(it would've been easier to pronounce)

Samantha said...

I am still trying to figure this one "benedictine monks of olivetti" out!