March 26, 2005

They paved paradise and put up a parking lot

Here's a meme I found over at Scrivenings. I may have changed the questions a little bit. And I'm not telling which artist I chose.

Choose a band/artist and answer in song titles written or performed by that artist.

Are you female or male?: In France They Kiss on the Main Street
A line to describe yourself: The Jungle Line
Your current mood: Blue
How you feel about yourself: The Circle Game
A crush you've had: Free Man in Paris
Favorite fantasy: The Pirate of Penance
An imaginary ex-boyfriend: I Had a King
An ex-friend: I Don't Know Where I Stand
Favorite Pick-up Line: You Turn Me On, I'm a Radio
Least successful pick-up line: (You're so Square) Baby I Don't Care
Your current partner: Not to Blame
Your marriage: Solid Love
Your children: Raised on Robbery
Your home: Refuge of the Roads
Your friends: Ladies of the Canyon
Your Philosophy: Dog Eat Dog
Your Religion: God Must Be a Boogie Man
Person you got this meme from: A Strange Boy
Other blogging friends: Wild Things Run Fast
Why you spend so much time blogging: People's Parties
Where you were born: Big Yellow Taxi
Childhood nickname: Trouble Child
Where you want to be: Blue Motel Room
What you want to be: Twisted
Worst nightmare: You Dream Flat Tires
Your copy machine strategy: Both Sides Now
Favorite vacation spot: River
Favorite state: California
Favorite drink: A Case of You
How you live: Shadows and Light
How you love: Silky Veils of Ardor
Are you crazy? Borderline
What keeps you sane? Moon in the Window
Two words of wisdom: Sex Kills

Anyone want to guess the artist?


What Now? said...

The incomparable Joni Mitchell, of course. Good choice!

Musey_Me said...

What Now beat em to it. I am VERY impressed by the number of items you were able to add and answer! I struggled with the original set (though I didn't get to use a couple of my favorites - I guess I should have just added some questions to get them in!)

Phantom Scribbler said...

Hah! Because you spend your time at these blogosphere parties in your "frightened silence, thinking [you] don't understand."

Me, I'm wishing I had more of a sense of humor.

Lucy Tartan said...

very nice work. Love the new questions. It's a much more interesting meme now!

erinberry said...

Ah, Joni!