March 16, 2005

Computer crisis almost over

I spent most of yesterday afternoon talking to Jason on the telephone. Jason is a pleasant young man who is given to saying things like, "Gee, that's weird" or "Hmmm .... I've never seen that before."

You may notice that I'm not using a pseudonym for Jason. That's because I am hoping he will not become part of my life.

I think my blogging friends must have succeeded in intimidating the tech support people at the computer store, because I did get my computer back in record time. I was very happy until I realized that most of my applications did not work. This discovery was what led to the whole series of phone calls to Jason, the first of which began with him saying, "Oh, yeah, didn't I tell you? You have to re-install everything."

One of the saddest things about this whole computer crisis is that I have a houseful of teenagers, many of whom are computer geeks, one of whom is supposedly the smartest kid in the county, and none of them will even look at my computer because it's a Mac. My whole reason for having children was so that I would have my own tech support team, and then I went and bought the wrong kind of computer. Oh, well.

Anyhow, I think that my computer is working again. But I don't want to say it too loudly. I think maybe all that screaming and yelling upset the poor thing. So I am going to go ahead and start writing about my monastery trip, in hopes that the some peaceful thoughts will soothe the hard drive.


dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

It takes so long for the comments to load that half the time I don;t write anything because I lost the flow of what I was going to say. But, I remember this time.

We are a Mac household, and became one because I was tired of every single problem with my PC being solved by the tech experts with: "Huh, that's really weird; I've never seen anything like that; maybe you should re-install Windows." Then, when Yidg's Mac hard drive crashed, the Mac Genius said "That's never supposed to happen; you really should be backing up." Really? I should back up for something that will never happen? Thank you for selling me your superdrive that is NOT a rewriter.

bitchphd said...

Ah, but the joy of having a mac is that you don't need the tech support to do most of what you do with it. So when the kids move away, you can still use your computer.

See? They're just teaching you to be independent.

grandma blue said...

I'm so sorry I just saw this post. Do you live in either CT or MA? If so, I have the Mac Guru to end all Mac Gurus. Let me know and I'll be happy to send along his information. He's gentle, patient, and thorough, and can help you understand anything. He's MY super power.