May 31, 2005

Return from camp

A long weekend at camp is always wonderful. Although it did rain a bit at camp and the nights were cold, we had the bonus of some gorgeous sunny weather that made it feel like summer. It felt good to be away from computer, housework, telephone, and pretty much any responsibilities. Camp includes a huge marsh with creeks that wind through the cattails, a river with thousands of islands, grey rock cliffs and a pine forest for hiking, oak trees that shade our picnic tables and fire pit, and a field for playing bocce or napping in the sun.

When we return from camp, our home seems suddenly luxurious. Indoor plumbing! Hot and cold running water! A comfy couch! Reading lamps! A real bed! Percale sheets! The best thing, by far, especially after a weekend of cool weather that did not include any swimming, is to stand underneath a hot shower and wash all the grease and campfire smoke out of my long hair. Such a great feeling.


Yankee T said...

camp sounds great. Hot showers afterward also sounds great.

PPB said...

I think going showerfree for a couple days is totally worth it for the celebratory shower!