May 10, 2005

Summer Meme

Favorite summer flower: Black-eyed Susans.
Flavor of ice cream or tofutti: Chocolate, of course.
Mode of transportation: Sailboat or canoe.
Music: Anything played by a guitar around the campfire.
Food: Fresh corn on the cob with salt potatoes and salad. Tomatoes from the garden that actually taste like tomatoes!
Favorite game to play: Flashlight tag on a dark night. (We call it Zap, but I think that is a regional or maybe even a family name.)
Earliest childhood summer memory: Playing trucks with my brother in the sand under the lilac bushes.
Favorite Drink: Root beer in a frosted glass mug on a hot day at the shore.
Favorite Snack: Watermelon chilled in cold river water and shared by the whole family, including kids who like to spit seeds at each other.
Place to read: In a small nylon tent all by myself on a rainy day.
Most annoying: Scratching poison ivy rash on a hot day in a car with no air conditioning and lots of overtired children in a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere because maybe I read the map wrong.
How I handle the heat: Not well. When temperatures go above 90 degrees, I just lie on the floor and complain. We have a couple of electric fans, but I don't like to use them because I don't like the noise.
Pet Peeve: Children who leave beach towels in the bilge of the boat instead of hanging them on the line to dry.
Mistake for which no one in my family will ever forgive you: Leaving a tent unzipped so that it fills with mosquitoes.
All-time favorite bathing suit: Red bikini. When I was sixteen years old. But a black maternity suit I wore during my last pregnancy is a close second. (It is so much fun to swim when you are pregnant. You just can't sink!)
Best Time of Day: Early morning at camp, when the bay is still covered with mist and no one else is awake.
Most romantic: Walking empty beach by the ocean in the rain.
Summer movie: Dirty Dancing. But anything at the drive-in is fine with me.
Best for sex: Inside a small tent during a thunderstorm with wind and pine trees moving about outside.

There are no rules for this meme, of course. Summer time is no time for rules!


reverendmother said...

I'm sorry, but... tofutti?

Apologies to the lactose-intolerant among us, but why bother.

Dr.K said...

It's that "vegan" thing, I'll bet--no animal products. I can do without the meat, but milk, cheese and ice-cream are staples. But I've never met a vegan I didn't like. My favorite drink is fresh-squeezed limeade--Oh, my God, it don't get any tastier than that!

jo(e) said...

Chocolate tofutti tastes better than ice cream, if you get the right brand. It's more chocolatey and has a better texture. Mmmm....

Limeade? I've never had that. I've had green Kool-Ade .... does that count?

KathyR said...

These are all evocative, lovely, itchy. OK, just some of them make me itchy.

Also, chocolate ice cream is just not the peak chocolate experience or the peak ice cream experience, but that's just my opinion. Maybe you're onto something with the tofutti, but like Mikey's brothers: I'm not gonna try it!

Friday Mom said...

Favorite game to play: Ghost in the a cornfield across from the childhood home of my best friend while growing up. I can still feel the stinging "paper" cuts on my legs from the leaves of the corn plants.

pietro said...

Chocolate tofutti is great. And so is guitar music--especially Silvio Rodriguez--by the campfire. Ah, your post has made me decide I'm going to try to convice zipzap to go camping with me soon...

reverendmother said...

Ah yes. I have great love and respect for the vegans in my life. Unfortunately for my cholesterol, I also have a great love for full-fat, ice-creamy goodness.

I tip my hat to the tofutti proponents. The word just stuck out to me in the survey for some reason.

Moebius Stripper said...

Soy Delicious is better than ice cream - so say a bunch of people I know who still eat the latter, anyway. And I never turn it down. (And the soy gelato at Mondo Gelato...mmmmmmm.) < /product placement >

And I handle the heat in roughly the same way as you, jo(e), except in my case *does quick metric conversion* I start complaining when the temperature exceeds 80, if not before. And that's the main reason I'm not job-hunting south of the 49th parallel.