September 14, 2005

Fall Meme

Here's a fall meme, in anticipation of the season. Since it is my meme, there are no rules. Do whatever you want.

Favorite fall dessert: Apple pie made by my mother.
Holiday: Halloween, of course. Any holiday that involves vast quantities of chocolate goes right to the top of my list.
Best fall memory: The birth of With-a-Why, my youngest child.
Worst fall memory: September 11, 2001. The day after the national election last fall comes second.
Most puzzling fall memory: In elementary school, back-to-school pencil cases always contained a protractor. I never could figure out why. We never used them until high school.
Best thing about fall walks: The mosquitoes are gone!
Favorite fall chore: Splitting wood. A wonderful way to work off anger. Of course, I have to wear steel-toed boots because my aim is terrible.
Least favorite fall chore: Throwing away food that went bad during those hot humid August weeks when I was not here.
Best change in the home: A fire in the fireplace again!
Favorite flower: Dark red chrysanthemums.
Best tree in the fall: Sugar maple.
Fall ritual: Taking a walk to gather handfuls of pretty leaves. Except then we never know what to do with the leaves so they get tossed.
Most frustrating thing about fall: Having to grade stacks of papers when the world outside my window is so ridiculously beautiful and inviting.
Favorite childhood game: Making houses out of leaf piles.
Favorite childhood memory: Sailing with my Dad on BigLake on gorgeous autumn days.
Favorite decorations: Pumpkins on doorsteps.
Favorite clothing: Jeans and a red sweatshirt. After a hot, humid summer, it feels great to wear clothes again.
Best scenery: Pretty Colour Lake, on a sunny day, with gold-red-yellow leaves crunching underfoot, brilliant red maples, yellow aspen, and green pines all reflected in the calm lake. Or a drive to the mountains on curving roads that wind through color so vivid it seems unreal.
Best fall travel tip: Bring ginger to prevent motion sickness on the drive through the mountains.
Favorite drink: Apple cider.
Best method of transportation: Horseback.
Traditional fall candy: Candy corns.
Favorite sound: Geese flying over head. Although I have to admit that the whining sound of a chainsaw always makes me think of fall too.
Best for fall sex: Percale sheets that have been dried on the clothesline. And cool air coming through the window makes cuddling a warm naked body feel great. Suddenly, warmth is a good thing.
Fall Song: Autumn in New York.
Reliable Prediction: We will get snow at least once before Halloween.
Best fall television show: The Charlie Brown Halloween special, of course. I still believe in the Great Pumpkin.


halloweenlover said...

Jo(e)!!! I can't even do this meme now, because my answers would all be the same. Pumpkins on doorsteps, apple cider, candy corns, a fire in the fireplace, halloween, its as if you are answering for me!!!

I have occasionally worried that I will get into a car accident while driving in the fall because the leaves distract me from the road with how breathtaking they are. Your description of "color so vivid it seems unreal" is SO RIGHT.

One thing I have to add, pumpkin ice cream or pumpkin muffins or pumpkin coffee. Yum.

Love the meme!

Running2Ks said...

So many answers of mine would be the same as well. I am in love with fall and summer just FINALLY broke again here. I love it all! Your answers make me so happy!

Rana said...

If I did this meme, it would be all a muddle. That's the problem with (a) moving around, and (b) having grown up in an area where the usual stereotypical aspects of fall (ie colorful leaves) don't correspond with the actual aspects of fall (dead brown things).

I _am_ looking forward to being able to wear warm clothes again. :)

Dr.K said...

Here's mine. (This was fun! Thanks!)

Favorite fall dessert: Peach pie made by me—I’m afraid that I’ve never encountered a better pie crust than mine. I really do try to be humble about my many accomplishments, but not this one. Mine’s the best ever. And I’m still picking peaches, although only a few are left now.
Holiday: Thanksgiving. Steamy, salty, greasy, and I like getting my family all together playing games too.
Best fall memory: A drizzly, wet, warm Sunday. My brother and I rode our sleds all day down a steep dirt road slick with mud and wet leaves. I was 12.
Worst fall memory: Some mean girl at school insulting me. Not getting picked till last for playground games.
Most puzzling fall memory: Some of those Halloween costumes can be pretty lame.
Best thing about fall walks: The smell of the woods. I like the wet, living, sweet smell of the Ohio woods best in high summer, but the dryer, red and brown fragrance of the woods in fall is pretty good too.
Favorite fall chore: I don’t mind raking leaves, the satisfaction of the clean lawn, and the fun of jumping in the piles.
Least favorite fall chore: Picking those spiky balls out of the lawn that fell from the sweet gum tree.
Best change in the home: I do like hearing the furnace whoosh on for the first time. It’s comforting.
Favorite flower: I love those tall yellow Jerusalem artichokes at the edges of all the woods.
Best trees in the fall: Sugar maple. (amazingly bright pink/orange) Sassafras. (red) Red oak. ( dark red & maroon) Yellow poplar. (intense yellow)
Fall ritual: Gathering black walnuts and cracking them at home with a hammer.
Most frustrating thing about fall: Driving to work, day after day, and having to pass by the woods.
Favorite childhood game: Playing Daniel Boone vs. the Indians, stalking and hunting each other with BB guns all through the woods. We wore motorcycle helmets with face shields, heavy leather gloves, and tried to inflict pain. Sounds awful from here, but man, was that ever fun! The worse it hurt, the better we liked it.
Favorite childhood memory: Hunting rabbits and pheasants with my dad and brother. It was so exciting, and I loved eating the rabbit paprikas mom made. (Sorry about the gun thing in these last two—but that was part of my experience. I got over it.)
Favorite decorations: taping colorful leaves in patterns on the wall in the kitchen.
Favorite clothing: Boots, jeans and a wool jacket.
Best scenery: The Bluegrass country just south of here is wonderful—the red Kentucky oaks, the white fences and thoroughbreds of the horse farms.
Best fall travel tip: Stop a lot and get out of the car often.
Favorite drink: Sassafras tea. I LOVE that stuff!
Best method of transportation: Horseback. (always)
Traditional fall candy: chocolate kisses.
Favorite sound: Crunchy leaves in your ears.
Best for fall sex: The dugout by a deserted baseball diamond (25 years later, I still think very, very fondly of that moment)
Fall Song: Steely Dan’s “Doctor Wu” always reminds me of fall—the reason’s not in the song, though. I heard some cover band playing it beautifully on the beach in Rehoboth, Delaware for a Labor Day Jerry Lewis fundraiser in 1977, and I became an instant Steely Dan fanatic at that moment. I played _Katy Lied_ a thousand times, over and over again, that fall.
Reliable Prediction: It used to be that the Bengals will lose. Not so certain any more, which I like.
Best fall television show: Isn’t that when _The Wizard of Oz_ always used to come on? I like that movie.

Yankee T said...

I love this meme. You are too wonderful.

Friday Mom said...

Oy! I've got to move north. I miss fall so much! We'll have it for about two December!

Great meme! I might have to do it just have a taste of fall.

Piece of Work said...

I guess I'm the only dud here that grieves the end of summer. Yes, it is slightly exciting when the air starts to smell like football, or Halloween, but really, the rest of it? Ick. How I loathe sweaters and winter shoes! I suppose it's lucky for me that now I live in California, so we get a longer summer--but now I don't get that crisp fall smell either.
Though I admit, reading your meme made me slightly (slightly!) nostalgic for an east coast autumn.

jo(e) said...

Dr. K: I loved your list. I've never even tasted peach pie. I imagine that you do make great pie, but really, there is no way that your pie crust is better than my Mom's.

I can totally picture you playing with BB guns. My sons went through a paintball phase -- we bought bales of hay and set up a course out back -- and I have to admit, it was really fun.

jo(e) said...

Friday Mom: You need to come visit me in October. Fall is incredibly beautiful here.

Usually the second weekend in October, I go to the mountains for a long weekend with a bunch of women friends. We usually manage to hit the peak foliage. Even when it rains, it's gorgeous.

reverendmother said...

Ahhhh... thank you for this.

Friday Mom said...

Although I don't know exactly where you are, I've been in that part of the country over the second weekend in October before and was completely overwhelmed by the color. My mom and dad and I drove to my brother's place in upstate NY (Albany) eight years ago. From Pennsylvania on in to New York, my eyes actually hurt from trying to take in all the color. I just love the crisp air, the smell of smoke, and soft light of evening as the days grow shorter.

Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

I agree that many of my answers would be the same too, so I will have to change the rules a little--maybe I will come back and do that. LOL! Yours are always so cool and creative and on the mark! and true (yes, I know that's redundant.)

What Now? said...

Wait, now what are you supposed to do with the ginger? Smell it? Eat it?

One of the things that I love about fall is the colors on my morning commute; I think my first year here, having just moved from a place that doesn't get quite so much fall, I went a little bit crazy with all the color.

jo(e) said...

What Now? I eat tablets of ginger to help with motion sickness. (This was my big discovery of the summer.)

I've lived here my whole life and I still going a little crazy with all the fall colour.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Okay, jo(e), I'm so depressed now, reading this, and it's ALL YOUR FAULT. I want fall! I want fall! Sure, it's nice to snicker at the southerners who freak out at the prospect of frost, and yeah, walking aroud in shirt-sleeves in October's kind of neat - but I want my fall, darn it! Sigh. I will go dream of New England now...

CarpeDM said...

Thanks for creating it. I really enjoyed filling it out.