January 06, 2006

The fours meme

This meme comes via Terminal Degree

Four jobs I’ve had:

Magician's Assistant: Yes, I've been sawed into three pieces. But I can’t say how it's done because I am sworn to secrecy.
Legal Secretary: In the days when secretaries used typewriters. And everything had to be typed in triplicate, using carbon paper. So every time, I made a mistake, I made it three times. Ugh. I was a high school kid with very little patience and I almost smashed the typewriter several times.
Computer Teacher: I taught programming. Yeah, that seems funny now.
Waitress: Everything I needed to know about sexual harassment and more.

Four movies I've seen more than once

The Wizard of Oz
Dirty Dancing
The Sound of Music
The Mirror has Two Faces

Four places I’ve lived

Well, mainly I’ve lived in the same place my whole life. I did go to college in a north country town that no one but Rob has ever heard of. And I spent a semester in London. Do either of those count?

I can’t even come up with four different houses I’ve lived in – it’s only been three: my parents’ house, the house I lived in for the first twelve years of my marriage, and my current home.

Four TV shows I’ve seen more than one episode of

Northern Exposure

Four places I've been on vacation

Camping in the sand dunes of Cape Hatteras
Rafting on the Colorado River
Camping at Acadia in Maine
Hiking the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Four blogs I visit daily

I can never do the part of a meme that asks me to single out blogs. I never tag anyone either. I don't like that part of playing games. When I was a kid, the gym teacher used to pick two kids to be captains of teams and let them choose kids until the class was divided up, and I always just felt so sorry for the kids who got chosen last. I still can remember the look on their faces, even though they would pretend they didn’t care. But it always happens, if you start choosing, someone will get left out and be last. I hate that. I know that people like to get tagged for memes, but I worry that people who don’t get tagged get left out.

You can imagine how much fun I am on hiring committees. I just hate the whole process.

Four Favorite Foods

Chocolate tofutti
Broccoli with garlic sauce over rice
Hot tomato dipping sauce with warm bread
Lentil stew

Four places I'd rather be

Walking the beach at Cape Hatteras
People-watching in a café in Paris
Hiking in Zion
White-water rafting someplace warm

The four CDs I listened to most recently

Blue Joni Mitchell
Peacemaker's Journey Joanne Shenandoah
Kind of Blue Miles Davis
Black Eyed Man Cowboy Junkies

Last four vehicles I’ve owned

All have been small Ford Taurus station wagons, none of them bought new. It's pretty much the only reasonably-sized vehicle I can ever find that has eight seatbelts (which I often need) – unless I moved up to a bigger vehicle like a van or an SUV, and I don't want to drive something that gets such bad gas mileage.

Things in my life that come in fours

I have four children.
I have four siblings.
I am 44 years old.
And I live in a place that has four seasons.


peripateticpolarbear said...

magician assistant pictures!

Anonymous said...

whats with the 4s?

Colleen said...

Gotta love Northern Exposure. Especially Chris in the Morning. Still can't believe the dvd's come in their own parkas.

jo(e) said...

PPB: Oh, that was many years ago. I don't think I have any photos.

Anon: It's a meme. Memes are sort of a game that bloggers play. If you click on the link to Terminal Degree's blog, you can see where I got it from.

Colleen: I watch very little television but Northern Exposure was a show that I really loved.

kabbage said...

From reading your blog, I thought you and I were similar in age. Yes, we're both 44 (and I'm not sure how I got here). Your reaction to hiring committees is the same as mine. Luckily(?), we're not hiring much at work any more. Now we try to dodge layoffs.

Your post a while back inspired me to sign up for the local parks and rec belly dancing class offering, even though I have no dance or music background or perceptible ability (even my dog eventually went lame rather than compete in Canine Musical Freestyle with me one more time). First class was fun; however, some of my muscles say I'll be hearing from them tomorrow.

Thanks, jo(e), for your writing and inspiration!

dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

Magician's assistants sound surprisingly similar to people who work for the National Security Agency with all their top secret secrets. I think they are sworn to secrecy, too. :)

Oddly, I've lived near or at all of the places you've vacationed.

liz said...

Excellent list.

Yankee T said...

I, too, am a Taurus wagon person. Gotta have the seats, don't want the van or SUV. I knew I loved you.

listmaker said...

What a fun meme; thanks.

Scrivener said...

I had lived in four different houses by the time I was four years old. Ok, that's an exaggeration--I must have been at least five by that point.

Seeking Solace said...

I LOVE Joni Mitchell!!!

Terminaldegree said...

One of my students borrowed my Kind of Blue CD...and then dropped out of school.

I think it's time to find another copy! :)

I enjoyed your meme answers!

Scrivener said...

Hey, TD, at least you can replace it with that new, remastered Kind of Blue. And then let us know if it's worth spending the money to get the remastered one even if we already have the album on vinyl, cassette, and CD.

joanna said...

Chocolate Tofutti. Yuuuuummmmmm. It's a staple at my house.