March 18, 2008



When I was a little kid, and we'd take trips, I'd spend hours just staring out the window, daydreaming and watching the world flash by. I'd see trees, houses, farmland, trees, mailboxes, trees, traffic lights, towns, wildflowers, and trees. I live in a lush and crowded landscape. Branches of trees hang over the roads, weeds and wildflowers and cattails crowd the edges, vacant lots burst with lilac bushes and overgrown maples, and green leaves dangle everywhere, obscuring buildings.

During our trip to the southwest, we hiked every day, but we also put about 1400 miles on the rental car. It is still amazing to me to drive for mile after mile through rocks and dirt and .... not much else. Miles and miles of land without trees or buildings, with just rock and sun and the creatures of the desert.


YourFireAnt said...

A version of heaven.


Tom Bozzo said...

Yes, it is amazing. One business trip several years ago required a drive from Santa Fe to Alamogordo, NM, which I did partly via the road north of the Trinity site, and I had more than one occasion to think that if you needed to pick someplace to set off an A-bomb without bothering anyone, southern NM wasn't a bad choice as such things go.

Silver Creek Mom said...

Looks like abit of culture shock. Almost surreal when your used to trees, trees, everywhere and if you live where there is alot of houses, it is hard to imagine not seeing another thing.

Beautiful and wonderful non the less.