March 17, 2008

Over there

Over there

We hiked through canyons just wide enough for our bodies to pass through — and canyons big enough to hold all of Snowstorm City. We walked on level paths where we saw families with young kids and old people; we hiked on steep trails where the only other hikers were college students. We walked through rocks of fantastic shapes and colours, a landscape that always makes me think I'm in a Dr. Seuss book. More than anything, though, it's the sheer size of the landscape that is incredible. The rocks, the canyons, the cliffs seem to go on forever.

And the sudden changes in altitude in canyons create such different microclimates. How strange it seemed to stand on a rock ledge with the sun on my face and bare arms, the warm breeze catching the sweat on my hair, and look across at mountains covered in snow. As we drove or hiked, it felt like we were constantly crossing the seasons, moving from summer back through spring into winter and back again.


Silver Creek Mom said...

I need to take a Hiking vacation. Last summer seems so far away!

nimiecat said...

Amazing picture!

Sharon said...