April 16, 2008

Lake in April

Lake in April

Late afternoon yesterday, after talking to a friend about sadness and loss, I decided to sneak over to Pretty Colour Lakes for an hour, hoping that the cool, fresh air would change my mood. In the shade of the hills, I could feel the cold through my fleece so I walked the trail on the east side of the lake to get the slanted afternoon sun. The trees were mostly bare, brown trunks and branches still waiting for spring, with just the cedar trees offering smudges of green. In the wet brown sand at the end of the lake, I stopped to read some brief messages written earlier, evidently by a girl named Katie. The only people I saw were fishermen, all older men, and each alone, in his own spot, just casting a line into the lake in silence. I smiled at each fisherman, but did not speak, as I walked on the familiar trail, stopping in the sunny spots to warm myself, but mostly just moving along, walking and walking until the sadness I carried with me seeped into the lake.


BlackenedBoy said...

What had you down?

Yankee, Transferred said...

Sorry to hear you had/have the blues. I'm sure your walk at your favorite place helped. This is a great photo.

Gawdess said...

deceptively simple shot that just keeps drawing you in with the layers of detail and beauty. Happy that your sadness is in ebb.

YourFireAnt said...

Oh mannnn. What beautiful writing!


Lee "Licky" (Lik Yi) said...

Hey, I love reading your posts! Every line in ur posts intrigues me to continue reading. I especially love the one in which you described your experience in the cafe after a sleepy drive in the morning. I could imagine every detail in the cafe as I went on reading.