July 17, 2008

Again with the naked photo

Sun bath

Scene: Lakeside room in an old mountain inn.

Spouse: Didn't we already do a naked photo?
Me: That was last summer.
Spouse: And ... the summer before.
Me: See, it's a tradition!

Spouse: Just tell me what to do.
Me: Steady yourself against this wall.
Spouse: Where's the camera?
Me: You need to be lower.
Me: I set up the shot, but you're a lot taller.
Me: Just crouch down.
Me: About a foot.
Spouse: Oh, THIS is comfortable.

Me: Make sure you get some of the wall — and my toes on this side.
Spouse: Oh, this looks TOTALLY natural.
Me: I sit like this all the time.
Him: Completely naked?
Me: Got any better ideas?
Spouse: Stay still.

Spouse: Hey, I can see you in the TV screen.
Spouse: It looks like you're watching porn.
Spouse: Full frontal nudity.
Spouse: It's a funny shot.
Me: They shouldn't have a television set here.
Spouse: So you want to pretend it's not here.
Me: Exactly.

Spouse: Turn away more.
Me: Like this?
Spouse: I'm seeing breasts.
Me: How about this?
Spouse: Lean back so I can get the edge of your face.
Me: You aren't supposed to get my face!
Spouse: It's just the edge. The light looks nice.
Me: But I'm supposed to be looking out the window.
Spouse: Because yeah, you always stare out the window naked.
Me: Just take the picture.
Spouse: I already did.


niobe said...

A beautiful photo. And a very funny conversation.

Liz Miller said...

You guys crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Too funny. And I think the phto is wonderful.

Cathy said...

Nice picture - I did have to giggle some at the conversation.

Anonymous said...

"I'm seeing breasts"

And that's a bad thing?


BrightBoy said...

"Just tell me what to do."

He's completely resigned to your weirdness.

You guys are funny.

Anonymous said...

If you had turned around you would probably have seen SUCH a hairy eyeball aimed your way. At least, I would have it had been me and MY spouse! :D

YourFireAnt said...

You read my mind! I was just thinking about nude photos yesterday. And ....BAM!

He needs practice, though, that Spouse guy.

See ya at Dead Lefthanded Guitarist Chapel in a couple hours.


Unknown said...

You make all of us want to sit naked staring out windows, reflecting our bodies in TV screens. Gorgeous, per youzh.

Gawdess said...

the lighting is nice
I want to be that comfortable in my own skin as you seem to be
and as funny too :)

zelda1 said...

Nice picture.

Donna's chitchat said...

Awesome pic... your vacation sounds wonderful. I am sure we are somewhat kinderedly related. I am soooo non directional and not so good with left and right either, by the way.
Special little note... when I first glanced at my list of bloggers and their recent blog titles I saw "Again with the Naked POTATO". And, it really made me chuckle!

Sandy said...

Loved the conversation ~ made me laugh. :D Beautiful light in the shot. And if you're off on vacation in your own room, why not look out the window naked if you can? ;-)

Wayfarer Scientista said...

yay! another naked post.

Unknown said...

Great picture. And it looks fun!

gwoertendyke said...

and breast are a bad thing? hilarious.

you have a lovely relationship and it is a beautiful photo. i want to sit naked staring out the window now.