March 31, 2009

Blue green

It was another Tuesday morning: I meditated. I took a shower. I worked on my manuscript. I sent some emails. I sat in a sunny spot on my couch and ate a bowl of leftover angel hair pasta. I left a bunch of ridiculous tweets on twitter. (For those of you don’t know, twitter is yet another procrastination, I mean, “social networking” site on the internet.) Artist Friend sent me a short story he had just written, and I made him stop what he was doing -- even though he was at work -- so that we could talk about it. I do love analyzing a great piece of writing, especially if I am talking to the author.

But the sun was shining, and it seemed wrong to be inside on the computer.

My parents came by to give me some mail that had come to their house despite the fact that I haven’t lived there in 25 years; my mother convinced me that I ought to go with them for a walk at Pretty Colour Lakes. The wind was cool enough for a winter coat. After all, we had snow yesterday.

It’s too early for foliage, but the lawns near the park entrance were green. A few other people were at the lake already, sitting on benches near the beach to absorb the sun. We walked the mulch-covered trails around the lake, talking as we went. Whenever we came out from under the cedar trees, I could feel the sun on my head and face, warming me. The ice had melted from the lake, and when the wind died down, the still water on the far side of the lake shone blue-green.

After the ice has melted


BlackenedBoy said...

Summer must come as such a blessing in that part of the country.

If it's fifty degrees here, I reach for my coat and complain about how cold it is, but to the residents of your area fifty degrees must seem very balmy after such a long and severe winter.

I think you probably appreciate it more.

I do hope I live there when I'm older. The natural landscape is so alive and has a personality of its own.

BlackenedBoy said...


Another beautiful photograph.

YourFireAnt said...

I picked violets yesterday. First time this year.


Your lake shot is gorgeous.

YourFireAnt said...

P.S. BB: our winter only lasts about 3 months (sometimes 4), but its intensity makes it seem waaay longer, especially due to the month of F-------.


Psycgirl said...

I don't leave comments very often jo(e) but I had to tell you that photograph is so beautiful!

Lomagirl said...

I know what you mean about good writing- that's why I procrastinate with your blog!
Thanks for sharing your seasons with us. This lake is stunning.

Arvind said...

I could just close my eyes and feel the sun on my bare skin and the mulch underneath my bare feet (in my head, I was walking naked - and was also, of course, alone in the park! :-))

jo(e) said...

FA: Three months? How are you coming up with that? We get snow in October AND snow in April ... that's way longer than three months.

Arvind: That's the right attitude. You know you want to pose for the blog....

BB, Lomagirl, Psycgirl: The lake is even more beautiful in real life. The colours are just amazing.

kathy a. said...

the colors in the photo make it seem like an exotic underwater shot, at least to me. amazing.

how did your mother ever talk you into that walk around the lake? ;)

YourFireAnt said...

The October and November snow is here today gone tomorrow stuff. Like late March snow. I'm talking about serious grinding bone rattling W*I*N*T*E*R. The stuff that KILLS ya.


Magpie said...

That is a stunning photo.

Marcia said...

I love the blue-green colors of this photo. It makes me feel hope that spring is coming.