March 03, 2006

Friday Poetry Blogging

Here is a Mary TallMountain poem that my students usually love.


for my grandmother

I see you sitting
Implanted by roots
Coiled deep from your thighs
Roots, flesh red, centuries pale.
Hairsprings wound tight
Through fertile earthscapes
Where each layer feeds the next
Into depths immutable.
Though you must rise, must
Move large and slow
When it is time, O my
Gnarled mother-vine, ancient
As varnished ages,
Your spirit remains
Nourishing me.

I see your figure wrapped in skins
Curved into a mound of earth
Holding your rich dark roots.
I see you sitting.

Mary TallMountain

1 comment:

mendi-la said...

i like it - it makes me think of the knowledge that those before us bring and how much we have yet to learn from them - sad sometimes that we don't realize it until they are gone - however, my missed opportunity makes me more aware of those that are still here