February 09, 2009

The cat days of February

The stretches of subzero weather we get this time of year can make everyone in the household miserable, including the cats. Trapped inside, they hiss at each other and fight over territory. On Friday one of the cats peed on our couch -- yes, right on the cushions that we sit on. This incident led to much yelling and swearing on my part while I was taking the cushions apart to clean them and setting them near the fire to dry thoroughly. Shaggy Hair Boy, who somehow found the incident funny, managed to prevent me from killing the cat responsible.

For most of Saturday, I muttered darkly about giving the cats away to anyone who would take them. And as long as I was yelling at the cats, I decided to rant and rave to the kids to about what a mess the house was. Usually I can just ignore a counter full of dirty dishes, but a cat piss incident just puts me over the top.

Snowboarding yesterday, far away from the messy house and the cats, was just what I needed. The conditions weren't perfect; some slopes were icy, while others were soft. But still, it felt wonderful to spend the day outside in the sunshine and warm air. I drove home, with Blonde Niece in the seat next to me choosing the music, through farm fields where the rows of corn stubble was beginning to show through melting snow.

Just after strapping in

View from the top of a ski slope.


Leslie F. Miller said...

See how it works?

Kill the cats.

And wow, you can snowboard. I can't even stand up, so of course I'm impressed.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky to have something that will take you away from all the cat pee!

Bridgett said...

Cat Piss Incident would be a great name for a band.

YourFireAnt said...

Jo(e) this is great. The inside/outside aspect. The tension/release, the cabin fever/outdoors. Great post.

In the photo, it looks like you have a tote bag. How can you ski with something in your hands?!


jo(e) said...

Thanks, FA.

That's not me in the photo, although it's true that I have a coat that color. I'm the person taking the photo.

It's actually a member of the ski patrol. They carry stuff all the time -- First Aid Supplies and such.

Sarah Sometimes said...

Well, you know my vote on the cats. :)

jennifer said...

It makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy to know you get grumpy and mildly crazed sometimes. Your blog makes you seem like... the AntiGrump. That's probably not what I'm supposed to get out of this post, but I've decided to break rules today.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

when I was learning to telemark ski we always referred to it as "going out to practice our face plants".

BlackenedBoy said...

Multiple cats are so funny. We had two, and watching them interact was hilarious.

Unfortunately, we only have one cat now, but she's fun in her own way.

My mother would flip if she peed on the couch.