July 15, 2005

Lazy Conversation on a Hot Summer Day

My Beautiful Smart Wonderful Daughter will be rooming at college next year with a young woman who lives about 100 miles from here. Cool Roommate has already been here several times. She's met all of Daughter's brothers and many of the extras. She'll be coming again on Saturday to spend some time with us. Yesterday, in the midday heat, Daughter was lying on the couch with her laptop, talking to Roommate online.

Daughter: it is still really hot here
Roommate: here too
Roommate: you planning to actually do anything today?
Daughter: my mom made me a sandwich and i'm eating it
Daughter: does that count?
Roommate: did you ask her to make it?
Daughter: yes
Roommate: that's taking initiative!
Roommate: that counts

I think Cool Roommate will fit in with my family just fine.


Running2Ks said...

Oh, I like her already.

Phantom Scribbler said...

OK, your son won't go to the beach with you but your daughter lets you read her IM conversations????

You are the Coolest.Mom.Ever.

Rob Helpy-Chalk said...

oh, the indolence. Oh, the sloth.

I had a student once try to design an anti-pornography argument using an analogy to another cardinal sin: rather than a movie that panders to lust, what about a movie that panders to gluttony?

It was an exceedingly productive analogy, but none of the lines of thought went the way he wanted them to.

I thought of this because I think you are qualified to write sloth-pornography.

Moreena said...

Thank goodness. My roommate for my first year of college was an unqualified disaster. Although that may have been my fault. Not entirely sure.

RussianViolets said...

Yes, we love the roommate.