October 01, 2005

Numbers Meme

Number of cats who live in my house: 7
Percentage of these cats who are female: 86
Number of canoes I own: 5
Number of sisters I have: 3
Average number of times I eat every day: 8
How many academic conferences I went to last year: 3
How many years I've been cross-country skiing: 25
How many years I've been downhill skiing: 3
The age of my youngest child: 10
How old I was when I first began sailing: 7
How many Joni Mitchell CDs I own: 13
How many years I've been with my spouse: 27
How many dollars I spent on my wedding dress: 50
Number of people in my household who play the piano: 4
How many times I've been to California: 2
How many times I've been to Europe: 2
How many times I've been to Florida: 0
How far, in miles, I live from my parents: 6
Number of left-handed siblings I have: 3
How far, in miles, I live from the nearest grocery store: 6
Pairs of snowshoes I own: 3
Years since I last ate meat: 9
Number of television shows I watch each week: 1
How many students in my high school class: 496
Years I've lived in this house: 6
Years I've lived in this town: 44

Edited to add: Since this is my meme, there are no rules. Adapt it in any way that you like.


La Lecturess said...

What a great meme! I may adapt for my own purposes. . .

Anonymous said...

where'd you get this meme? may also adapt it...

jo(e) said...

Clare: Oh, I make up my memes. It's easier than doing the ones going around.

Feel free to adapt it in any way that you want.

Ianqui said...

What's the television show that you watch?

Phantom Scribbler said...

27 years? Wow. I'm in a little bit of awe at that number.

jo(e) said...

Ianqui: We usually choose one as a family. Last season it was Scrubs. We haven't actually chosen one yet this season. On my own, I don't watch any television at all.

jo(e) said...

Hey, Phantom, we posted at the exact same moment. I met my husband when I was in high school so it does seem like we've been together forever.

peripateticpolarbear said...

great meme!

Yankee T said...

This meme is so you, jo(e).
I love it.

ccw said...

I have cat envy. We are down from 5 cats to 4; clearly I need more cats.